Social Media Mgmt & Marketing

Say goodbye to those “x # of posts/week” plans.
Our social media management plans start with REAL people posting relevant, DAILY content.

Organic Interactions + Keywords

Social Media: Redefined

Say goodbye to those “x # of posts/week” plans.
and say hello to REAL people monitoring your social media presence & relevant DAILY posts.
Not just ANY posts either, our content is based on the best performing keywords in your industry.

The recent Facebook News Feed overhaul*
(which prioritizes content from personal networks) has changed the way companies, publishers, & marketers need to manage themselves, & their clients. That’s why having a real person monitoring your social media every day is more important now than ever, the worst thing a business can do is ignore the online market…
Especially when it’s reaching out to you.

* indicates price based on a 4 month term.
Social Media Mgmt Plans do not include advertising. 

please inquire for radio, & newspaper ads

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Business Solutions: driven by Data

Are your business decisions supported by facts?
Market analytics provide critical insights, helping you create effective plans.

1. The purpose of market analytics:

Why do we include data analysis in every advertising & media mgmt plan we offer? because we want to make informed decisions based on in-depth market data that helps you reduce problems, and create opportunity.

2. Data Gathering:

Information is your greatest ally.
Our primary mission is to always deliver unbiased, factual & most importantly, relevant data for clients.

By hiring mediametrics, you are acquiring incredibly detailed information regarding your company, your target market, & your competitors.

3. Determine your ideal customers:

Not everyone will be your customer, and that’s OK. Our data analysis services identify the people most likely to buy your product, or service.

4. Actionable Information:

Advertising based on market & consumer demographic data is proven to be a major key to any business gaining, and retaining customers.

30 day data collection includes but is not limited to :

Overall Market data & analysis:
market size, perceived needs, and trends.
Consumer data & analysis:
detailed demographic & buying habit information.
Competition data & analysis:
identifies competitor keyword strategies & ad spend.

5. Putting a market analysis to work:

There is always bumps on the road to success…
We help you see them coming, and prepare for them.

If you are starting a business, growing your company, or launching a product, mediametrics will help you take it to the next level.


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