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Terry Tye
pixel blue >portfolio<

Welcome to my wrap-up portfolio of the work I completed while earning my diploma at PixelBlue College for Art, Media & Design.


– Light the Midway  
– Black Iron Burger
– Francis Marte
– Edmonton Interfaith

light the midway

Project Details: Branding for Fort Edmonton Park’s new attraction, a 1920’s midway

More words

People like words, especially when it comes to design.
I however, am a man of few words, lol. 

The concept is simple, make a 1920’s inspired logo for Fort Edmonton Park’s new attraction, that is both unique, but has continuity with the existing logo.
Did I do a good job? well, that is literally up to you to decide, so yea, let me know.  Thanks. 


BlackIron Burgers

The Black Iron Burger project was a blast, I was actually kind of disappointed that this wasn’t actually a new restaurant starting up.

I wanted to go with a modern vintage style, that IMO is both a popular and timeless design style, keeping the brand looking fresh for years.

fRances marte

I was genuinely blown away Frances’ work, he is an very talented artist whose work I personally see as being both technically sound, and incredibly elegant.

I wanted to create a logo for him that matched those qualities I see in his work.


The mission with Edmonton Interfaith Centre was to take their original Tri-Fold brochure / member sign-up pamphlet, and “punch it up” a bit, adding a bit of flair / style to it, while communicating their message clearly.