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Whether it’s a responsive portfolio page, or a 500+ product online store, mediametrics has the solution for your website, or e-commerce needs.

it’s as easy as 01, 10, 11

Because first impressions matter

Your website is often a potential customers’ first impression of your business…
Does your current website send the message you want it to?

mediametrics will design, develop, & manage a custom, responsive website, or e-commerce solution.

We believe that the web development process doesn’t stop at delivery… how much spare time do you, as a business owner/manager have each week? likely not enough to worry about website updates, security, & maintenance…

Our work (Branding & web)

web design: explained

E-commerce: explained

Need to get your business online with a quick, uncomplicated website?

WordPress Theme Packages

Perfect if you want your built to suit website up & running fast, and at reduced cost.

Custom Design & Development

Perfect if you prefer bespoke design, or need custom web development.

Add-on features, & extra pages are available upon request
*we do not host sites that we do not build / manage*

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Creative Content: guided by Data

mediametrics embraces the use of market, consumer, and competitor data as the driving force behind the content we deliver to our clients.

1. A new take on the creative process:

The business world is driven by multitasking, digital platforms, and the need for consumers to have everything available at their fingertips.

You have a very short timeframe, (about 3 to 5 seconds) to capture someone’s attention. That’s why choosing a creative firm that understands how to utilize data is more important now, than ever.

2. The personal touch:

Just because we rely on data to guide our creative process, doesn’t mean we don’t understand the importance of personal commitment.

Our mission is to get to know you, and your vision for your business.
That’s why we assign dedicated project managers to each of our clients, providing you with one main point of contact throughout the working relationship.

3. A principled approach:

mediametrics follow s ‘Gestalt’s 6 Principles of Design’ to create what we call  a ‘unified brand experience‘ for your business.

Gestalt means ‘unified whole‘ which is a good way of describing the principles we follow to create a design. They refer to the way people see the whole, before the individual parts when looking at media in print, or digital formats.

01. Similarity
When elements look similar, viewers will see individual elements as part of a pattern or group. creating a single message from separate elements.

02. Continuation
The eye is drawn to paths, lines & curves, preferring to see a single figure than separate lines. This is used to join multiple design elements.

03. Closure
A technique utilizing the eye’s tendency to see closed shapes. when an element is not fully closed, the viewer will fill in missing information.

04. Proximity
Arranging elements to create a group association between objects.

05. Figure/Ground
Based on our tendency to see & separate objects from their background.

06. Symmetry and Order
Without balanced design, the viewer tends to look for the missing element, or problem, rather than focus on the message you’re sending.


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